About us

Centre for Integrated Development found its origin in the northern part of Madhya Pradesh where roots of rapid distress can be found every where especially among deprived and vulnerable sections of the society. The organization has been an outcome of joint effort led by a group of people and citizens against the forces which promote such structures. With our vision and key objectives, we are working towards those problematic issue of deprived community which effect their life and similarly dangerous for the growth of our Nation. We started our journey keeping environmental changes in concentration at urban and rural area of Gwalior city in 1989. We gave a slogan “Green Gwalior Clean Gwalior” at that time which is used by several organization at yet. Gradually performing duty for our soul voice, we initiated towards education for those children who belongs from socially backward and deprived community. People of those community appreciate our initial and give us their full support. After a few month , This organization came into field keeping legal aspect of society in 1992 and simultaneously has been working with communities at the grass root level for ensuring egalitarian society where everybody will have equal right and equal voice in deciding and managing their resources.