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10th Anniversary of Child Line Gwalior


Child Line Gwalior has successfully completed 10 years in Gwalior , A decade dedicated for the children welfare , in these past 10 years Child Line have helped thousands of children in distress, reunited lost children with their parents , saved children from trafficking and prostitution and the work is continue, Centre for Integrated Development is proud to run the Child Line in Gwalior and striving to continue work for the children welfare.


Celebration took place in Child Line Gwalior office, Hony Secretary of CID and Director of Child Line Gwalior  Dr. Vijay Gupta , Child Welfare Committee President Dr, Rajeev Kumar , Member Mr. Vijay Pande, Mr. Deepak Khare, Ms. Gayatri Dubey were presented in the celebration, Inspector In-charge of special Juvenile Police  Mr. Sareyam, Conservation Officer from district child protection unit Mr. Satish Jayant were also presented. Children from a slum were also invited to the celebration , guest addressed the children,  later the cake cut by the children.


CID  and Child Line will continue to Help the children in distress and will always strive to  protect and promote their rights

Project Staff Induction Training Program conducted under the project “Reducing Malnutrition and Anemia in Madhya Pradesh”

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Centre for Integrated Development (CID) organized a three days induction training program for project staff under the project “ Reducing Malnutrition and Anemia in Madhya Pradesh” initiated by Clinton Health Access Initiative.dsc_0568

CID has embarked a new program for mother, child and adolescent under the title of Reducing malnutrition and anemia in Madhya Pradesh from 1st August 2016. The objectives of this program are to reduce malnutrition and anemia by 10% in four years among mother, child and adolescent.  28 staff members from 13 districts named Agar Malwa, Ashoknagar, Bhind, Datia, Guna, Gwalior, Morena, Raisen, Rajgarh, Shajapur, Sheopur, Shivpuri and Vidisha were educated on the process of the project and how to carry out the activities of the project. Dr Jose Sool Payapally – State Programe Manager, Reshma Azami, Aparna Surve, facilitated the training and Dr Vijay Gupta – Secretary of organisation also provided inputs in the training.dsc_0550


Nukkad Natak

Nukkad Natak

Street plays are being used since long to convey the massage to the mass, Centre for integrated development have used street plays as a tool to spread information about the social securities schemes,the plays were focused on the social security schemes available for the worker of informal sectors specifically for the Carpet weavers and Bidi rollers.20160831_104940

The script of the plays were designed by the Firoz Khan, Project Coordinator for EC-PIE project, plays have covered all the schemes and the information and labor laws, and it was conveyed to the audience in a very effective and entertaining way. Street Plays were performed by Samvad Group.

Play was about a family of bidi worker, who is very upset due to the low income o20160826_133957f bidi rolling, he rolls bidi and also works as a auto driver while his wife also rolls bidi, due to low income he is not able to send children to school, and provide proper food, one of his friend comes his home and tells him about all the schemes running for the bidi workers and also about the scholarships available for children of Bidi worker.

Another story was about a carpet weaver who is  also in the same financial state due to low wages in carpet weaving and going through the same circumstances, one of his friend informs him about the schemes he is eligible for being a carpet weaver.

Play also informs the audience that 20160826_150449how CID is helping Bidi rollers and Carpet weavers, how they can have access to the worker facility and resource centers which were setup by CID in their area, they were also informed about the procedure to get registered.One section of the play also focused on the Quacks, audience were informed that how quacks do their practice.

These plays were comic as well as intense at the same time and dialog were very connected to the people, which helped to keep audience connected to the play from start to end. Total 12 Nukkad Natak were performed between 26 Aug to 31 August 2016

A Payback to Nature. . . . . . .

Centre for Integrated Development is working for Environment since 1992 and regularly organising events to sensitize communienvty about environment issues which are threat for earth as well as for humans , to add another feather into its cap Youth Group of CID has organised a Plantation campaign in Kishanbagh Village Bara . Members of our Youth Group came forward to spread awareness about environment into community and plantation was done in village Bara , National Youth Delegate Mr.Shahrukh Khan and International Youth Delegate Ms. Reshma Khan attended the event actively .Members of Bal Panchayat has also registered their active participation .

Orientation of External Monitor on Bal Suraksha Maah

Bal Suraksha Maah is being celebrated by the great pump and show in all over State in the month of June and December. Like wise every year, this year CID has been given responsibility by Micro-nutrient Imi1nitiatives to celebrate Bal Suraksha Maah. Therefore CID organized the one day Orientation of External Monitor who will observe the progress of BSM in their respective districts. There are 12 External Monitor was selected for this activity from 6 targeted districts. The orientation was blessed by Hon Joint Director Health Services Dr. Archana Shingvekar. The technical session was delivered by Ms Ritu Ghosh (State Programme Representatives-MI) and Dr. Shirish Singhal(DIO-Gwalior). Then after Mr Sanjeev Pandey (Division Coordinator) and Dr. Vijay Gupta(Hony Secretary- CID) took second technical session. Mr Umesh Vashishtha (Board of Member – CID) gave vote of thanks at the end of Orientation Programme.

School Chalo Abhiyaan-2015

As every year, CID has launched  School Chalo Abhiyaan-2015 , to motivate the deprived cSCA-Noorganjcommunities of the city to send their children to school . CID is organizing many events to spread awareness among the communities.Door to door visits, rallies , meetings are the main instruments of this campaign. CID has organised a community meeting to spread awareness among the members of community , event took place in Community hall Noorganj on 27 June .more then 70 people participated in meeting . Dr. Vijay Gupta (Hony. Secretary,CID), Mr MUshtaq Ahmad Khan ( Project Coordinator , CID) and Ms. Reshma Khan( International Youth Delegate) were present at the event , Area Councillor Mr. Vinod Kumar Yadav actively supported the event.

Bal Utsav

Centre for Integrated development is committed towards the social development of children engaged in work , in this process CID has organized an event “BAL UTSAV” on 31St of March 2015, event was thebal utsav collection of “Learn with Fun” activities.In this event children enjoyed activities like Origami,Brain Teaser,Puppet show , Fun Games and sport activities .Children’s rights were also explained to children though puppet show ,Information about Child Line 1098 were also given to children so that they can take the benefit of Child Line when needed. various competition were also organized to develop participating spirit among the end of the event ,prize were distributed to the winning children.More then 300 Children took part in the event .Dr. Vijay Gupta (Hony Secretary to CID), Mr. Umesh Vashishtha, Smt. Neera Soni (Project Coordinator, SDTT programme), and Mushtaq Ahmad Khan (Project Coordinator, MSAECG). Shiv Narayan, Imran Khan, Shashi Upadhyay and International Youth Delegate Miss Reshma Khan and Youth groups were  present at the event.

One day Orientation for Adolescent Girls

     CID has been working with deprived communities of various places for more then two decades. Time to time, CID used to organize different and various informative activities to bring some change among them.  In this series, CID organized an orientation program for adolescent girls at the State Health Institute, City Centre, Gwalior. This orientation was designed for multidimensional development of adolescent girls.
 The objective behind this orientation is to……..,
• Develop leadership skill among adolescent girls.
• Information and knowledge sharing about their social rights.
• Capacity building of adolescent on different issues.
• Information dissemination about the Govt. Schemes and policies.
       During this program, invited resource person Mr. Suresh Tomar (Joint Director, DWCD), Dr. Vijay Gupta (Chief functionary, CID) and Ms, Reshma Khan (Counselor, Child line) delivered essential information and encouraged them through speech. This information was fulfilled from Adolescent Empowerment, Child Rights and various developmental skills and different government scheme for adolescent in general and girls in particular. During the entire session, overall 60 participants enrolled their presence..


Celebration on International Girls Child Day

          igcdResearch has shown that simply being born a girl can leave a child at a huge disadvantage in life. In the poorest societies a girl faces a greater risk of malnutrition, hunger and disease compared to her brothers. She will have fewer opportunities for an education and career. In many developing countries like India 1 out of 7 girls marries before age 15.
It is in order to highlight these issues that the UN General Assembly voted to declare 11 October every year the International Day of the Girl Child. Therefore CID had decided to earlier celebrate this day with the girls of marginalized communities. This Year, CID organized an activity with Adolescent girls who engage in labourhood practices at the Kishan Bag NFE Centre. During this program, Girls were acknowledged about their rights and way to get those rights. Adolescent girls from the community actively enrolled their presence. Over 50 girls and women participated in this activity.

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