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School Chalo Abhiyaan-2015

As every year, CID has launched  School Chalo Abhiyaan-2015 , to motivate the deprived cSCA-Noorganjcommunities of the city to send their children to school . CID is organizing many events to spread awareness among the communities.Door to door visits, rallies , meetings are the main instruments of this campaign. CID has organised a community meeting to spread awareness among the members of community , event took place in Community hall Noorganj on 27 June .more then 70 people participated in meeting . Dr. Vijay Gupta (Hony. Secretary,CID), Mr MUshtaq Ahmad Khan ( Project Coordinator , CID) and Ms. Reshma Khan( International Youth Delegate) were present at the event , Area Councillor Mr. Vinod Kumar Yadav actively supported the event.

Celebration on International Girls Child Day

          igcdResearch has shown that simply being born a girl can leave a child at a huge disadvantage in life. In the poorest societies a girl faces a greater risk of malnutrition, hunger and disease compared to her brothers. She will have fewer opportunities for an education and career. In many developing countries like India 1 out of 7 girls marries before age 15.
It is in order to highlight these issues that the UN General Assembly voted to declare 11 October every year the International Day of the Girl Child. Therefore CID had decided to earlier celebrate this day with the girls of marginalized communities. This Year, CID organized an activity with Adolescent girls who engage in labourhood practices at the Kishan Bag NFE Centre. During this program, Girls were acknowledged about their rights and way to get those rights. Adolescent girls from the community actively enrolled their presence. Over 50 girls and women participated in this activity.

Youth awareness activity on declining sex ratio……

DSCN0425CID organizes awareness activity with Youth group who are studying in high school and higher secondary. The main motive behind this awareness activity was to sensitize young generation from the issue of declining sex ratio and its global effect which can affect the not only their future but the entire human society as well, so that they can contribute to carry this information to their family, neighborhood, relative and others. Mr. Mushtaq Ahamad Khan, who served as program coordinator in CID organization imparted information allied this issue. Student participated actively and shown their active presence during this entire session.

World Day Against Child Labour – 12 June

 Date :– June 12, 2014. DSCN5774

Place :Kishan Bag, Khajanchi baba

Participant :- 250 children.

          CID organizes programs regularly to bring the issue of child labour and their plight in lime light on different occasion.  On 12th June this year, CID celebrated World Day Against Child Labour at different areas.  This year, World Day Against Child Labour draws attention to the role of social protection in keeping children out of child labour and removing them from it.  World Day 2014 calls for:

  • Action to introduce, improve and extend social protection.
  • National social security systems that are sensitive to children’s needs and help fight child labour.DSCN5772
  • Social protection that reaches out to especially vulnerable groups of children.

         CID with collaboration other NGOs  organized a human chain. About  250 child labour participant this program. The main objective was to attract attention of general public, Govt, authorities and media on the issue of child labour, mostly children are  engaged in domestic work, Bidi making, carpet weaving, Rag picking, Stone crusher,  Automobiles, tea stall,  etc. CID carry out various activities such as wall writing, drawing competition and door to door distribution of Pamphlet on child labour through Balpanchayat member.

Anti-Child Labour Day, 30 April – 2014

CID celebrated the Anti Child Labor Day along with NCLP on April 30th, 2014 at Phool-Bagh. The main objective of this activity was to call attention of the general public and people from the media on the issue of child rights and child labouranti child labour day

There were more than 250 children participated in this event along with social worker and NGOs partner like Goverdhan Samiti, Lala RamGopal Samiti, Satish Memorial Society, Vidhyaram Shiksha Samiti, Nehru Yuva Kendra, Child Line, CDS5 etc.

Then after, a human chain was made by the children of the centers run by CID in which children distributed pamphlet, brochure and imparted children massage on child rights by mean of board and slogan.

World Day Against Child Labour – 12 JUNE 2013

      12 June is assigned as a DSC_0047World Day Against Child Labour which is organized to prevent child labourhood at large scale. India is also one of the country where 12 June is celebrated with some commitment towards the welfare of child labour. Therefore this day was organized and celebrated by CID at Phoolbag and different places in Gwalior city in which Children gathered and raise their voice them selves to attract the attention of general public on the problematic issues of child labour.

     A large Human Chain made by children at Phoolbagh. There were about 200 children from different child labour sector like Bidi, Carpet, and Rag picking etc. participated in the human chain and raised the voice for eradication of child labor and their rights. At further this day are celebrated at different places keeping many activities in focus with collaboration of organizational team and other organization of our network like NCLP and etc. In the chain of activity, We organized children rally at Khajanchi baba, drawing competition at Shankarpura, Transport Nagar, Kishan Bag, Shubhash  Nagar, and Biloua. About 250 children participated in this whole activity. They DSC_0079built awareness by distributing pamphlets

   On this occasion, Mr. O. P. Mishra (Director NCLP), Dr. Vijay Gupta (Hony. Secretary, CID organization),Mr.Mohan Vidvekar, Mr. Rakesh Sharma, Mr. Shyam Singh Baghel, Mrs. Pushpa  Sharma, Mr. Gaurav Kadam, Ms. Rani Sharma, Mr. Rajendra Soni (Coordinator of child line), Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad Khan (APC, CID organization) and large numbers of public and media persons were enrolled their presence.

The Anti-Child Labor Day-2013

DSCN1422April 30 is observed as Anti-Child Labor Day, Does it make any different in India where millions of 8 – 10 years old child are being engaged either in domestic or commercial work, and other millions engaged in the most unhygienic job of rag picking and crusher? The Child Labor (Prohibition and Regulation) Act, 1986 have specifically prohibited the employment of children in certain occupations and processes which was never followed. Taking this into consideration CID initialized action to eradicate child labor in the region of northern MP. In the edition of our activity we organized an awareness rally in the child labor abundance area of Gwalior city and Bilouva. We performed the occasion organizing an exhibition and rally which were themed by child rights and eradication of child labor. Children from different hazardous laborer works opened a march past demanding their rights.


        CID organized a convention of Women of community along with Jan Pahel at Gwalior on 28th January 2013 opposing violence against women. More than 1500 women and girls participated in this convention before convention women also march against violence in city to spread their message.

Human Rights Day (10 December)

    Human Rights Day is convening at world level. Almost every country are suffering form this cruel issue. CID organized this day to bring human rights in limelight organizing an exhibition, rally and meetings on the special occasion of  Human Rights Day at different places of our area of  intervention. CID organized an exhibition at centralized location of Motimahal, A rally were organized with children engaged in rag picking, stone crusher and auto-mobile sector around kishan bag and transport nagar area and a few more activity like community convention and rally at Kolaras block of district Shivpuri. Here CID act with Saharia tribe for their constitutional and human rights. During this activity, around 800 saharia from different location opened their march and raised the voice for their rights.

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