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 A child is consider as a future of Nation, but an educated child have capacity to enlighten the way for other next toan him in future. Keeping this in mind, CID is active with child labor and child of poor and deprived community in northern part of M.P.  In general, CID used to convene various programmes, campaign and activities to amplify effect of social rights and in particularly act on child rights and human rights. In series of its action, CID organized an excursion for children to illuminate their intellect  from their environment and city all around.  These Children are involve in Carpet weaving and rag picking to be lay helplessly who have been provided every facility like education, mean of recreation etc according to rights denoted for them.  During this excursion, children visited  various places such as mausoleum of Maharani Laxmi Bai , Bal Bhavan, Italian Garden, Bheem Rao Ambedkar Park, Museum, Zoo etc.  Then after they shared their views with their facilitators. These sort of activity freshen up every child.

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