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      12 June is assigned as a DSC_0047World Day Against Child Labour which is organized to prevent child labourhood at large scale. India is also one of the country where 12 June is celebrated with some commitment towards the welfare of child labour. Therefore this day was organized and celebrated by CID at Phoolbag and different places in Gwalior city in which Children gathered and raise their voice them selves to attract the attention of general public on the problematic issues of child labour.

     A large Human Chain made by children at Phoolbagh. There were about 200 children from different child labour sector like Bidi, Carpet, and Rag picking etc. participated in the human chain and raised the voice for eradication of child labor and their rights. At further this day are celebrated at different places keeping many activities in focus with collaboration of organizational team and other organization of our network like NCLP and etc. In the chain of activity, We organized children rally at Khajanchi baba, drawing competition at Shankarpura, Transport Nagar, Kishan Bag, Shubhash  Nagar, and Biloua. About 250 children participated in this whole activity. They DSC_0079built awareness by distributing pamphlets

   On this occasion, Mr. O. P. Mishra (Director NCLP), Dr. Vijay Gupta (Hony. Secretary, CID organization),Mr.Mohan Vidvekar, Mr. Rakesh Sharma, Mr. Shyam Singh Baghel, Mrs. Pushpa  Sharma, Mr. Gaurav Kadam, Ms. Rani Sharma, Mr. Rajendra Soni (Coordinator of child line), Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad Khan (APC, CID organization) and large numbers of public and media persons were enrolled their presence.


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