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          igcdResearch has shown that simply being born a girl can leave a child at a huge disadvantage in life. In the poorest societies a girl faces a greater risk of malnutrition, hunger and disease compared to her brothers. She will have fewer opportunities for an education and career. In many developing countries like India 1 out of 7 girls marries before age 15.
It is in order to highlight these issues that the UN General Assembly voted to declare 11 October every year the International Day of the Girl Child. Therefore CID had decided to earlier celebrate this day with the girls of marginalized communities. This Year, CID organized an activity with Adolescent girls who engage in labourhood practices at the Kishan Bag NFE Centre. During this program, Girls were acknowledged about their rights and way to get those rights. Adolescent girls from the community actively enrolled their presence. Over 50 girls and women participated in this activity.


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