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     CID has been working with deprived communities of various places for more then two decades. Time to time, CID used to organize different and various informative activities to bring some change among them.  In this series, CID organized an orientation program for adolescent girls at the State Health Institute, City Centre, Gwalior. This orientation was designed for multidimensional development of adolescent girls.
 The objective behind this orientation is to……..,
• Develop leadership skill among adolescent girls.
• Information and knowledge sharing about their social rights.
• Capacity building of adolescent on different issues.
• Information dissemination about the Govt. Schemes and policies.
       During this program, invited resource person Mr. Suresh Tomar (Joint Director, DWCD), Dr. Vijay Gupta (Chief functionary, CID) and Ms, Reshma Khan (Counselor, Child line) delivered essential information and encouraged them through speech. This information was fulfilled from Adolescent Empowerment, Child Rights and various developmental skills and different government scheme for adolescent in general and girls in particular. During the entire session, overall 60 participants enrolled their presence..



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