Having seen various grass roots and topical social issues, CID took its prior step for environmental changes in 1992 around the Gwalior city, Gradually we stopped for right based issue for child, woman, and community. During this long span of time, we shared our effort with many social agencies, now we are fulfilling our mission and carry forwarding following projects-:

  1. Promote community action for primary health care focusing on safe motherhood, adolescent and child health (PHC-Lukwasa of  district Shivpuri).
  2. Multi-Sectoral Approaches to Eradication of Child Labor (Gwalior).
  3. Freedom from Hunger and Fear (Kolaras, Baran).
  4. Zinc-ORS based diarrhea management project (41 Block of North MP).
  5. Joint programing Adiwasi.
  6. CHILDLINE 1098 helpline for children in distress care and protection. (Gwalior).
  7. Child labor education and rehabilitation center (National Child Labor Project, Gwalior).
  8. International NGOs partnership agreement program for ensuring rights of Sahariya tribe.
  9. Hamara School supported by the Indian Literacy Project.
  10. Campaign against female feticide Supported by Madhya Pradesh volunteer Health Association.


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