Vitamin A and other MNs supplementation Programme

Right to Education- A dire need for making tomorrow

The landmark passing of the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education (RTE) Act 2009 marks a historic moment for the children of India. For the first time in India’s history, children will be guaranteed their right to quality elementary education by the state with the help of families and communities.

Girl child education- A step to promote Gender Equality

Girls are less likely to access school, to remain in school or to achieve in education. Education helps women claim their rights and realize their potential in the economic, political and social arenas. It is also the single most powerful way to lift people out of poverty.

Empowering women- An essential part of Right to Equality

Gender equality implies a society in which women and men enjoy the same opportunities, outcomes, rights and obligations in all spheres of life. Women empowerment is vital to sustainable development and the realization of human rights for all.

Awareness building among communities to ensure Child Rights....

The child festival - An effective tools to enhance participation of child

Bal Utsav (The children festival) has been organized every year to give an opportunity to children to enjoy, express, learn and show their talent.

Community Based Nutritional Rehabilitation Centre

CID runs community based NRCs in Shivpuri among Sahariya tribe to build the sense of collective responsibility among the tribe towards the children, also help malnourished children to get back to the normal state. NRCs playing major role in developing children health as well as making our bond stronger with the tribe

Nukkad Natak .. .. .

Stories that teaching a lot

Human chain to prevent declining sex ratio.......

Female infanticide is a deliberate and intentional act of killing a female child within one year of its birth. On the other hand female foeticide is the termination of the life of a fetus within the womb on the grounds that its sex is female and is also known as sex selective abortion.

Environment Conservation The Green is on Red Alert! Environment conservation is alarming to be taken care of .environment is an underrated issue affecting the life of whole world population directly or indirectly .environmental issue has covered whole world, India couldn’t remain untouched and is among the top countries facing environmental Issue due to lack of awareness

Stop Child Marriage Child Marriage is a catastrophic problem , it is not only obliterate the development of children but also make the future dark of the next generation, Centre for Integrated Development works to stop child marriage so that children would not walk into dark.


Initiative for Persons with Disability



         DSC00650  CID has been working with Persons with Disability (SPECIALLY-ABLE PEOPLE) from last 5 years, we have been working with Sahariya tribe in special and people in general. After a long intervention, CID found that Sahariya population is more vulnerable from this issue due to detachment from general population and migration. Due to this detachment, this tribal population could not gain benefit of governmental scheme and policy which is essential to make livelihood better. Especially people with disability and their families are more in trouble due to lack of information to sustain livelihood and carry the facilities provided by the govt. Therefore CID initiated the community based rehabilitation program especially for Sahariya disable people. This approaches changed many lives and come up with good results.


Overall objective-:

Inclusion of PWDs belongs to Sahariya Tribe in special and rest of the population in general in terms of social, economical and Political.

Specific objectives-:

  • Ensuring legitimate rights and entitlements of PWDs provided by the constitution, Acts, government programs and enabling orders of the Judiciary having special focus on women and children with disability.
  • Financial inclusion of PWDs through formation of SHGs, linking them with government schemes such as NREGA, SGSY, Sparsh-Abhiyan etc.
  • Ensuring education for Children with Disability (CWDs) through inclusion of Children with disability in government education system.



Activities performed

  • Orientation for PWDs,
  • Capacity building programs,
  • Community based rehabilitation program,
  • Sparsh Abhiyan-Camp for PWDs card,
  • Health Check-up camp,
  • Promotion of Self Help Groups,
  • Publication and distribution of resource material,
  • Networking and collaboration.



Positive changes

  • Under Sparsh Abhiyan more than 250 PWDs got Sparsh Card.
  • DSC00654Pensions have been sanctioned to 74 male and 46 female with disability.
  • 42 male and 17 female PWDs got equipment after advocacy.
  • In Ashoknagar and Guna district, Fees for issuing certificate for PWDs was stop after interference of collector. This could happen after advocacy.
  • 25 children with disability got admitted in government schools.
  • 100 PWDs of Sahariya community became member of core group at village level.
  • Inclusion of CWDs in 50 Child clubs. Two children with disability are president of Child rights group at village level.
  • 197 PWD got disability certificate.
  • In Four Blocks of Intervention area block level DPOs have been emerged  to raise concerns of PWDs at block level.
  • Data base of PWDs has been prepared.

      CID also participated in many activities which were formed by various organizations. CID’s  fellows visited at APD-Bangalore, Padhar Hospital-Baitul, Roshni-Gwalior, Narayan Seva Sansthan- Udaypur etc. to study different dimension of  this critical issue. CBM is playing a vital role in our capacity building regarding various issues of PWDs. CID participated in various training and workshop which is mentioned below:-

  • Training on Project Cycle Management in Bhopal (MP).
  • Orientation program on SPSS at Bhopal (MP)
  • Panchayti Raj Institution and Advocacy for Person with disability  Khurai (MP)
  • Workshop on Corporate social responsibility at Bhopal (MP)
  • Gender and Disability  at Chhindwara  (MP)
  • Workshop on Advocacy
  • Training on Sparsh Abhiyan and CBR at Athner (MP)
  • Inclusion of disability in Public Health at  Betul (MP)
  • Workshop on National Rural Health Mission at Dehli
  • Workshop on Budgeting and Advocacy at Dehli


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