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Centre for Integrated Development (CID) organized a three days induction training program for project staff under the project “ Reducing Malnutrition and Anemia in Madhya Pradesh” initiated by Clinton Health Access Initiative.dsc_0568

CID has embarked a new program for mother, child and adolescent under the title of Reducing malnutrition and anemia in Madhya Pradesh from 1st August 2016. The objectives of this program are to reduce malnutrition and anemia by 10% in four years among mother, child and adolescent.  28 staff members from 13 districts named Agar Malwa, Ashoknagar, Bhind, Datia, Guna, Gwalior, Morena, Raisen, Rajgarh, Shajapur, Sheopur, Shivpuri and Vidisha were educated on the process of the project and how to carry out the activities of the project. Dr Jose Sool Payapally – State Programe Manager, Reshma Azami, Aparna Surve, facilitated the training and Dr Vijay Gupta – Secretary of organisation also provided inputs in the training.dsc_0550


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