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Bal Suraksha Maah is being celebrated by the great pump and show in all over State in the month of June and December. Like wise every year, this year CID has been given responsibility by Micro-nutrient Imi1nitiatives to celebrate Bal Suraksha Maah. Therefore CID organized the one day Orientation of External Monitor who will observe the progress of BSM in their respective districts. There are 12 External Monitor was selected for this activity from 6 targeted districts. The orientation was blessed by Hon Joint Director Health Services Dr. Archana Shingvekar. The technical session was delivered by Ms Ritu Ghosh (State Programme Representatives-MI) and Dr. Shirish Singhal(DIO-Gwalior). Then after Mr Sanjeev Pandey (Division Coordinator) and Dr. Vijay Gupta(Hony Secretary- CID) took second technical session. Mr Umesh Vashishtha (Board of Member – CID) gave vote of thanks at the end of Orientation Programme.


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