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Community Based Inclusive Development of Person with Disability to Promote Rights and Inclusion of Person with Disabilities in the Community Working Closely with Governmen4t and Other Stakeholders


Persons with Disabilities have equal access to health, education, economic, social, political and entitlement through comprehensive community based rehabilitation and development program.


  • Project staff are incapacitated to carried out the planned activities
  • Conduct monthly review and planning meetings
  • Conduct survey and data analysis on the situation of persons with 3disabilities and other marginalized members in 30 villages of Ghatigaon block
  • Mapping of local resource (Gos, NGOs, Institutions, Service providers in Health, Education, Livelihood, Social) in 30 Village.
  • Community meetings at village level for sensitization in issue of persons with disabilities conducted in 30 villages.
  • Conduct Participatory Rural Appraisal in 15 villages to understand Health, Education, Social-Political situation
  • Facilitate and form Inclusive Self Help Group
  • Training on Concept of Inclusive Self Help Group

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