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Center for Integrated Development (CID) is already having partnership with Micronutrient Initiative (MI) for the implementation of the Vitamin A program in 6 districts of Gwalior division and thus CID already have developed good rapport with district level officials of  Health and ICDS department. Therefore, this platform was utilized for increasing the coverage and consumption of IFA tablets and dietary practices among adolescent girls through Adolescent nutrition program with existing trained human resources already hired by CID. Under the MI supported “Right Start” program, CID was providing support to improve the coverage and consumption of Adolescent IFA- WIFS Blue supplementation and promote counselling on nutrition to reduce anaemia among Adolescents especially girls. This project by CID for adolescent anaemia program was given for a period of even months starting from September 2016 to March 2017 in 6 districts of Madhya Pradesh.


Expected Outcome:

  • Increase in consumption of atleast 52 IFA tablets by 10% from the baseline during this contract period.
  • Atleast 80% of the schools and AWCs report no stock outs each month