Health, hygiene and sanitation


          CID regularly organizes awareness programs in different target groups on the different health issues like Health checkup camp, Orientation on health and sanitation, HIV/AIDS prevention and care, Eye camp etc. We assume that without awaking the society, it is impossible to plant permanent effect, so we always try to aware them through different innovative way especially in tribal, rural and backward communities. CID undertook monthly health check up camps for children at each center for providing medical support to children and creates awareness on health, hygiene and sanitation. During this period over 60 Health checkup camps have been successfully organized by CID. Most commonly found problems among children are skin infections, viral fever, cough, eye flue, malaria, malnutrition, minor injuries and wounds.
Having observed minutely, we found that many of backward community and especially in sahariya tribes is not aware the way of health and sanitation and many killing diseases which generates in deficiency of sanitation awareness. We are putting our focus other different aspect of health issue like Female Feticide, Malnutrition, Pulse Polio Campaign, HIV/AIDS and etc. CID established Community Based Nutrition Rehabilitation Centre (CNRC) in most vulnerable villages and backwards area with the kind cooperation of local administration. CID spread awareness on Health issue through Nukkad, Training camp, publishing material and through different small fair.

Some of the mentioned initiatives have been taken……….

  • Health and Sanitation Program-
  1. Doctor’s training,
  2. Orientation for NGOs
  • BCC- 6 key behavior- Promote behavior change in Health by focusing of 6 key behaviors defined by UNICEF under the BCC program.
  1. Girls education,
  2. Breast feeding – Early and Exclusive breast feeding,
  3. Hand Washing,
  4. HIV/AIDS,
  5. Diarrhea,
  6. Immunization.
  • Improving and sustaining the coverage of Vitamin A supplementation among children between the age of 9 months to 5 years in the Gwalior division of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Adolescent Health Program and distribution of Health-kit.
  • Implementation of Diarrhea Management Program using Zinc-ORS therapy in Gwalior- Chambal Division.
  • Reduction in the incidence of Under Weight Malnutrition by the community based approaches ex. Implementation of CNRC (Community based Nutrition Rehabilitation Centre),  Kitchen garden, Promote locally available food and RTUF (When needed) and promotion of government services like Aanganwadi food, THR, Mid Day Meal etc.
  • Organize Health camp in Urban slums and Interior villages in Gwalior city and Shivpuri District respectively.
  • Promote community action towards rural and tribal health, especially to improve the MCH program by the process of communitization.
  • Promotion and Implementation of Iodine program.
  • Awareness and distribution of Polio drop under Polio eradication program.
  • HIV/ AIDS awareness program.
  • Awareness about PC-PNDT act.
  • Promotion of tuberculosis control program among urban community with health department.


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