Environment Conservation


The Green is on Red Alert! Environment conservation is alarming to be taken care of .environment is an underrated issue affecting the life of whole world population directly or indirectly .environmental issue has covered whole world, India couldn’t remain untouched and is among the top countries facing environmental Issue due to lack of awareness . Illiteracy is among the main cause of insufficient knowledge of environment among common people.

Argus-Eyed CID is very much concerned about these issues and voluntarily come up to spread awareness and educate people of Gwalior about the issue; for this CID launched a program “Green Gwalior Clean Gwalior “in 1989 only. CID is sensitizing people towards environment to magnify the action to help Mother Nature. Deforestation is a big issue and KEEN to GREEN CID is doing plantation on regular bases to contribute its part and making people to plant to minimize the effect of deforestation up to the possible potential.



  • Educational program being done in schools and colleges.
  • Rallies and exhibition are being organized to spread awareness.
  • CID running Plantation Campaign in various part of city.
  • Youth Groups created by CID organize awareness rallies and plantation campaign.
  • Exhibition and pamphlet distribution occasionally done.
  • Spreading awareness to motivate people not to use poly bags.



  • Children of schools and common people become aware about environment conservation.
  • People of Gwalior voluntarily coming forward for plantation and environment awareness rallies
  • Community committees, SHGs , Youth Groups, adolescent girls groups spreading awareness and participating into the activities.



CID has come forward to work for environment conservation and also brought people to protect environment.


There Is no Substitute of Mother Nature.



Protect Environment – Protect Yourself 


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