National Child Labour Project (NCLP)



National Child Labour Project (NCLP)

NCLP is the project by Ministry of Labour and Employment , the motive of this project is to remove children from the industry listed in Child Labour Act 1986 and from the hazardous occupations .the panorama of project is….


  • Ensuring enforcement of child labour laws
  • Formal and Non- formal education initiatives like Special Schools (Child Labour Rehabilitation-cum-Welfare Centers). These schools should offer stipends, nutritional services, and health services to children and proper training for teachers. The purpose of the school is to prevent children from working in hazardous industries and mainstreaming them into the formal education system.
  • Provision of Vocational Training
  • Creating awareness of the harmful effects of child labour on the development of a child
  • Income and employment generation activities for families
  • Direct rehabilitation of child labour
  • Raising of public awareness
  • Survey and evaluation



Following strategies also added to the program to magnify results.

  • Expansion of the NCLPs to additional 150 districts during the Plan.
  • Ensuring that NCLPs have clearly defined targets for their areas
  • Linking child labour elimination with Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan to ensure child’s right to education
  • Strengthening the quality and quantity of formal school system in order to help tackle the problem of drop outs and lack of access to schools.
  • Creating a more effective monitoring method of child labourers
  • Coordinating between departments and ministries to ensure that no child is allowed to slip through the system
  • Assistance of voluntary organisation in running NCLP schools.


CID is assisting the project by facilitating a NCLP center in the city for the children who was working in carpet industry and perfectly performing the listed activities of project yielding desired outcome.


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