Child-line 1098

Child-Line-21      Through this project CID aims to ensure that every child who is vulnerable, neglected, marginalized and /or abused or exploitedcl 001 has access to the emergency helpline phone assisted of CHILDLINE in need of care and protection in emergency. Those children are in need of care and shelter. we offer them shelter home LOCATED in Gwalior.

  • Objective-:
  1. Ensure that every child who is vulnerable, neglected, marginalized and /or abused or exploited has access to the emergency helpline phone assisted of
  2. CHILDLINE through a nationally recognized telephone number i.e. 1098.
  3. Provide short stay home to those children who are in need of shelter because in
  4. Gwalior there is no any shelter home in Gwalior.
  5. Provide a platform of networking amongst organizations and to provide linkages to support systems, which facilitate the rehabilitation of children in difficult circumstances.
  6. Work towards an active partnership with allied systems (such as the police, health, transport, education and such others) to protect the rights of children.
  7. Build up a referral network of experts from the legal, medical, media, education and other relevant professions in each city to take up issues related to the child in need of care and protection.
  8. Legal from the experiences of CHILDLINE and the data generated and jointly determine strategies to reach out more effectively to children in need.
  • Approach to attain objective-:
  1. Follow up of the Child line cases
  2. Network with allied system to involve them in the follow up of cases such as other NGOs &CBOs, government departments, philanthropic persons of society.
  3. Help conduct phone testing and follow up with the telephone department to ensure that 1098 is being connected from all telephone exchanges and areas.
  4. Elicit the support of PCO owners in the city/district.
  • Main outcome-:

Strive for ensuring excellence in quality service to children in need and ensuring that best interest of the child is served always.

  • 589 children got treatment with help of child line.
  • 158 children have been restored to their family through child line.
  • 411 children have been counseled to provide emotional and psychological treatment.
  • For 192 children provided sponsorship for according to their need such as medical support, educational etc.
  • 55 children got Shelter through Short stay Home.




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