People dependent on the Informal Economy Project (EC-PIE)



Funded By : European Commission and Action Aid 

Implemented By : Centre for Integrated Development 

Implementation Area : Gwalior and Indore ( Madhya Pradesh)


The Project focuses on the people works in informal economy such as Bidi worker, Carpet worker, construction worker , street vendor and domestic workers etc working in informal sector denied them from various benefit which they should have , though there are various social security schemes but there is a rift between benefit and beneficiary and under this project we aims to 

DSC_0296replete the gap by building a bridge of knowledge and awareness in between. so that they can raise their voices for their rights but a alone voice can be overshadows by tDSCN3169he noise of ignorance therefore we are unionizing these voices to make them strong enough to penetrate the bulwark between the duties and duty bearers.

There are opportunities apart form the work they are doing , and to grab these opportunities they need skills which are being developed through the various skill development program, We are reaching the unreached to connect them with  the opportunities of development.

Vocational training are being organized for the persons depended on Informal Economy  in order to strengthen them and enable them to become more capable of earning more than what they are earning now.




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