10th Anniversary of Child Line Gwalior


Child Line Gwalior has successfully completed 10 years in Gwalior , A decade dedicated for the children welfare , in these past 10 years Child Line have helped thousands of children in distress, reunited lost children with their parents , saved children from trafficking and prostitution and the work is continue, Centre for Integrated Development is proud to run the Child Line in Gwalior and striving to continue work for the children welfare.


Celebration took place in Child Line Gwalior office, Hony Secretary of CID and Director of Child Line Gwalior  Dr. Vijay Gupta , Child Welfare Committee President Dr, Rajeev Kumar , Member Mr. Vijay Pande, Mr. Deepak Khare, Ms. Gayatri Dubey were presented in the celebration, Inspector In-charge of special Juvenile Police  Mr. Sareyam, Conservation Officer from district child protection unit Mr. Satish Jayant were also presented. Children from a slum were also invited to the celebration , guest addressed the children,  later the cake cut by the children.


CID  and Child Line will continue to Help the children in distress and will always strive to  protect and promote their rights






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