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Community Served:-

A cluster of 40 Sahariya villages in Kolaras Block of Shivpuri District.


  • Spread awareness of land rights and ensure Sahariya tribals are rehabilitated and recompensed under the Forest Resources Act.
  • Create an organization of the tribal comunity and strengthen it to combat injustice and lobby for their civic, political and economic rights.
  • Eradicate poverty of and injustice towards Sahariya tribals, focusing especially on women’s issues and child rights
  • To raise voice against the instances of human rights violation.
  • To ensure the protection women and child rights through CBOs
  • To continue Freedom from Hunger and Fear Campaign in the region.
  • To advocacy and pressure building on state to claim common property rights to make the community self reliant and assertive.
  • To strengthen and capacity building of SAJAG to such an extent that it will be able to fight for the legal and constitutional rights of the Sahariya community.

Strategies :-

  • Empowering the Sahariya community for their right of food and livelihood, so that they could attain their food security by demanding their rights and entitlements.
  • Strengthening SAJAG as people’s organization in attaining an independent identity so that the members could raise their voice against any type of exploitation and atrocities made to them along with providing a platform from where they could Interface with other people’s institution, organizations, individuals and make the government accountable towards the cause of the Sahariya.
  • Capacity building of CBOs like Jagrit Mahila Sangh and Mahila Hinsha Virodhi core group of SAJAG to address issues related to women rights.
  • To revive the indigenous traditional knowledge of the community.
  • Capacity Building of: Cadre of women, youth and child as ‘activists’, CBOs & the fellows and developing a vibrant membership based organization.
  • Networking of the CBOs, policy & special attention to media advocacy
  • Dissemination of information related to legal provisions and government schemes at the grass root level through the Manavadhikar Kendras and Baladhikar Kendras.

Main Outcomes

  • Under this project 60 core group have been formed in order to empower community having 480 members. ·
  • To ensure food security 100 percent pds cards have been ensured households. · 100percent card have been within project area. ·
  • More 90% percent elder member of community members getting old age pension in covered villages.
  •  More than 800 malnourished children have been admitted in nutritional rehabilitation centers. ·
  • 250 people got patta forest rights act. ·
  • 220 PWDs got certificate. More than 120 PWDs are getting pension. ·
  • 325 children were admitted in hostels.


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